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Mosaïque Surface in Bellevue

Mosaïque Surface in Bellevue

Innovating and expanding the boundaries of traditional tile making.

Dwellings Tile, Stone & Design is delighted to be working with the highly innovative and prominent team at Mozaïque Surface, a Canadian luxury stone tile company.

Mosaïque Surface is a Montreal-based company that specializes in custom stone mosaics. They create original and intricate murals, medallions, floors and table tops, and propose a large variety of borders and field patterns.

We wish to show our appreciation for the 30-year anniversary of Mosaïque Service by sharing with our clients the endless beauty and professionalism that goes into each product.

Mosaïque Surface

from Italy to Quebec and North America. Italians dominated the industry, but with much vision and inventiveness, Fiset made a lifetime endeavor out of his passion.


Today, Mosaïque Surface’s products are sold in 235 stores across the United States. They not only have collections of mosaic tile collections, but also assortments of the world’s top brands.


Mosaïque Surface specializes in custom stone mosaics. Their experienced team creates original and intricate murals, medallions, floors and table tops, and proposes a large variety of borders and field patterns.

At Dwellings Tile, Stone & Design, every detail should be extraordinary in our products. That’s why we partner with Mosaïque Surface, which brings in talented artisans with rare skills to produce some of the most unique and intricate tile patterns. 

The quality in their original designs are fully customized, making each mosaic one-of-a-kind. Hand-crafted with the finest quality materials, these collections are produced with meticulous attention to detail.


Hundreds of their original designs are fully customized, so every mosaic is one-of-a-kind. Each is handcrafted and uses the finest quality materials in production.

Mosaïque Surface in Bellevue

Made to Order Collections


Gem glass has been a favorite with interior designers for decades. We invite you to see why Gem glass is such a popular material. Choose to feature Gem glass on its own or elevate its beauty by combining it with other elements, like natural stones, Venetian glass, metal, terrazzo, or mother of pearl.


Inspired by the beauty of Eastern Asian culture and the spirit of Wabi Sabi, this collection celebrates perfectly imperfect artisanal craftsmanship. The slight imperfections and irregularities of nature compose its beauty.


French Quarter is the soul of New Orleans… inspired by the rich culture and grand architecture that gives a nod to the historical French influences.


La Libertà is a design inspired by the technological era and a perfect mix of pixelated patterns, geometrics, triangles, textures, and linear vertical patterns with a nod to traditional craftsmanship and authentic materials.


Let your imagination run wild. Personalize your space with an incredible, limited-edition designs.


A collection of classic marbles, brass, Venetian glass mosaics inspired by love, Paris and adventure.


Atelier Collection, created by blazysgérard for Mosaïque Surface, is a fashion-centric line inspired by several world-renowned fashion houses—with subtle touches of architectural inspiration within each design. At once formal and playful, the line delivers a selection of timeless patterns fused with the designers’ signature touch.


Inspired by the architecture of great cities, the company offers exotic, worldly compositions reflective of each city’s various influences. Travel the world, savor the culture and bring home the rich history of your favorite city.


Inspired by the busy city of Manhattan, this collection features exciting patterns that bring it to life. Up-scale in design with a definite cosmopolitan look, this distinct collection showcases a mosaic of stimulating designs.


A selection of intricate patterns and color combinations adorn this French à la carte menu of mosaics. Each mosaic is the handiwork of an artisan whose extraordinary craftsmanship is evident in every piece. Choose one or more of the mosaics to enhance your home.


Modernized Basics brings back basic geometrics but with a modern flair. It is a collection that is edgy and youthful yet decisive. Using distinct colorways, you can revive any space without compromising your style.


The Sheet collection offers timeless patterns and weaves in a variety of colors. Choose a colorway or customize a design to make it entirely your own.


Choose from various moldings, medallions, and other wall decorations to add elegance, grandeur, or personal flair to your walk-in. Create an indoor garden, French wine cellar, or other special effects.


Montréal designer and Mosaïque Surface creator Jean-François Caron drew inspiration from Brutalist buildings worldwide for his new Wonderland collection. The collection features authentic Italian Terrazzo in six (6) exciting colors complemented by the look of rich metals.

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You do not have to travel to Italy, France, or Canada to have these fantastic tile designs in your home. You can have all the best tiles in the world in Bellevue.

Dwellings Tile, Stone & Design offers only the highest-quality tiles from internationally recognized manufacturers. Our selection of products is unmatched by any other store in the region.

The handmade tiles we offer are crafted from natural elements and are ideal for adding personality, style, and color to your home. Our tile showroom in Bellevue, Washington, houses a vast selection of hand-crafted tiles made in the USA (Italy, Spain, Canada, and Mexico), offering you more options than you’ll find at any other local tile showroom.

At Dwellings Tile, Stone & Design, we are passionate about providing our clients exceptional customer service, the most knowledgeable product insight, and tile design support. Please let us know if you have any questions about the products or collections we have listed.

The difference is Dwellings Tile, Stone & Design

We offer a vast selection of tiles and mosaics available in all finishes. Whether glass, porcelain, natural stone, or ceramic, our goal is to provide customers with the highest-quality tile, creating a unique, timeless, and stunning design. 


We are a source of support and inspiration for those who design. We provide the tools and resources you need to find—and create—your perfect dream space.


Amazing selection of beautiful tiles. The staff is extremely helpful in  creating  and designing  beautiful rooms. I did 3 bathrooms and a kitchen remodel with their help. Best tile store on the eastside.” ~ Leslie Larson

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