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Bathroom Tile Ideas, Styles and Tile Design Explanations

Bathroom Tile Ideas, Styles and Tile Design Explanations

Offering exciting tile variations to decorate and transform your life at Bellevue’s premiere tile showroom.

There are many tile variations with unlimited choices, colors, styles, themes, and ideas for mixing and matching. Designing with tile can be fun, exciting, and overwhelming. Here, we’ve added definitions and explanations to tile designs to help you understand tile terminology while helping you achieve ideas for your bathroom. Some of the listed designs work for any room of the house. Today, we’re focusing on tile designs specifically for your bathroom.

When designing a bathroom, it is important to consider the type of tile that best suits the needs of the owner. You want to match what the owner envisions with added functionality. 

Homeowners can find tile products they need at reasonable prices in many showrooms and warehouses. However, not all showrooms have the same selection or quality of products on display. You want to make sure you find a showroom with artists that understand your needs as a designer or homeowner while offering solutions to finding the best quality tile.

The most important thing to realize is that many homeowners have never picked out tile before. They don’t necessarily know what they are looking for. It’s a designer’s job to help them understand what works best with what. A designer’s job is to educate the client on what is offered in tiling and show them what design works best for them.

At Dwellings Tile, Stone & Design (formerly Pratt & Larson Tile of Seattle), we believe in the transformative power of tile. We bring together the finest materials—both locally and internationally—to create a sense of structure, balance, and sophistication throughout your home.

As soon as you walk into our Bellevue showroom, you will feel a sense of relief when you meet our encouraging and supportive staff. Let us help you find what you want within the world of tiling products, and you’ll complete your bathroom with style and ease.

Tile Variations and Designs/ Tile Color Options

Multi-Color Blend

Multi-color blends are a great way to add color to a space without adding too much color. They’re a good option for those who want to use their bathroom as an artistic outlet or want to experiment with different shades.

You can use these tiles on the walls, floor, shower, and sink. Some people like mixing up their tile colors, while others like sticking with one shade throughout the room; this is up to your taste and the beginning of tile variation design.

Gray and White Blends

The color gray can be a good choice for bathroom tile because it is a neutral color. The same goes for white, which makes a great choice for bathrooms. A blend of the two colors is an excellent choice because it gives you the benefits of both colors without being too harsh on your eyes. Gray and white also fuels feelings of relaxation and a sense of ease which is what you want to feel in your bathroom.

Neutral Blend

Neutral tiles are a great way to create a relaxing and calming space. Neutral tiles are also easy to match with other colors, as they don’t have strong reds or blues that may clash. This makes them perfect for creating a cohesive look throughout the room.

Blue, White, Gray Blend

The blue, white, and gray blend is a great look for those who want something a little more neutral. This color scheme uses light grey as the primary color, with blue and white accents. The blue has a very subtle touch and works well with both dark and light grays.

Large Format Solids

Large format tiles are easy to install and are easy to clean. They are used in various ways, from flooring to walls, and shower surrounds.DOESNT MAKE SENSE – MAYBE SOMETHING LIKE Large format tiles often come with complementary mosaic options for shower floors and niches. Tiles are available in different sizes.

Bathroom Tile Ideas, Styles and Tile Design Explanations

Large format tiles come in many different textures, colors, and patterns, so there’s something for everyone!

Earth Tone Solids

Earth tone solids come in various shades, from sage green to sandy beige.  and these shades are easy to match with other materials. They work well in bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms!


Charcoal is a great choice for a contemporary bathroom. It will work with any other color, but it’s especially nice to pair with dark grays or blacks. It’s a timeless design for bathrooms.

Matte White and Gray

The matte white and gray colors are timeless and suited for any home style, whether modern, traditional, or somewhere in between. These colors are neutral and will never go out of style.

  • Small spaces: The matte finish can make a small space feel larger than it is.
  • Showers: Use this tile on your shower walls to create a clean, crisp look. This tile would also work beautifully as an accent wall behind your vanity if you want something that stands out in your bathroom but still complement other elements around the room.

Subway Tiling

Subway tiles are available in many colors and sizes. SUBWAY TILE IS THE NAME OF A SHAPE TRADITIONALLY USED IN SUBWAYS ITS A LONG AND NARROW TILE. Subway tiles come in hundreds of colors Subway tiles work great on the wall or your flooring, depending on what look you want to achieve in your bathroom.

Dwellings Tile, Stone & Design offers creative style and design solutions for your preferred look.

Besides the creations we have shared with you here, there are many more tile ideas to help you find the perfect look. Our expert team have spent their time researching, developing and educating themselves on the timeless creations of tile design. They have the knowledge to assist you with the many products available. They will open your mind to many possibilities and perhaps you may find something you didn’t know existed. Each discovery of tile styles will enhance your creative side until your project is complete.

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